Monday, May 4, 2015

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Happy to report I have a new job. I think this one might stick.

I am so blessed that it is close to home and seems like it might be a lot less stress than some previous jobs I've held in the past year. No more selling!!! I don't care if you have Uverse or want a new car. hahahahahah

Here's to a new beginning. With less stress, and having my weekends back I'm starting to feel the stirrings of some creative juices. Happy dance.

Hooray. I've been watching more videos and experimenting with my Cricut Explore. Boy has that been a hassle! 

My new job is at Oaklawn United Methodist Church. I am their Administrative Secretary, the only one. I'll try not to let that overwhelm me. :) I do have previous church experience and worked there for 8 years.

I'm still grieving my mom and can still burst into tears at the thought of her but I try to hold onto happy memories and think of what she would say. I had a dream recently of her. It was an unusual one for me... she was looking at me and it was if she was laying in a field of purple flowers with her head turned my way. The sun was shining and she had this glow about her. She was smiling at me. It felt peaceful. Purple was my mom's favorite color. I'll just take that picture and think of her at rest, at peace and happy.

Thanks for stopping by and pretty soon... I'll be...

Happy Scrappn! 

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