Sunday, November 22, 2015

Celebrate Card

Here is the card that we learned about at camp and here is a mini- tutorial on it.
It's just adorable!!!!

Quilling is not for the faint of heart.. but these flowers are awesome.

Precut your leaves from your favorite die cut machine and special flower. There are many in the market.  You'll want to gather the flowers in the different sizes and roll up the edges. You'll glue the littlest into the next size up keep it squeezed together.

It will look something like this. From here you would lay it aside and let the glue be setting. 

Here you can see that you'll want to roll the edges. Tuck in some flowers and leaves. The coordinating papers really help so you can flip them over to alternate the patterns


Here you can see I placed a doily and used foam tape to add depth and dimension, so that later I could tuck in those pretty tags. Also go ahead throw on the bling. That step will then be out of the way.

Here you can see more of the round scalloped embellishment with the tags tucked in. Also layer a smaller circle on top of the scalloped piece.

Below you can see what  I used to paint the pretty chippie, from Creative Embellishments.

Here are some close ups for you:

Here you can see the 2 tags used. Tie some pretty ribbon to make a bow and adhere some pretty metal embellishments.

As you can see .. tucking in various elements adds depth to this wonderful card.

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappn!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

#pumpkinvoxbox from Influenster

Here is my first VOXBOX VIDEO FOR INFLUENSTER.. I was given products to test.  I was not paid. I test them and give my feedback.  Thanks for looking. Thank you Influenster.

I ate these real quick. They tasted great and were so creamy. They were not hard at all.

 I loved all these goodies.

Who doesn't love DOWNY!!!

The Goodness Knows bar was fantastic.. I'm looking for them at my local store.

The chips were a nice surprise.

I enjoyed this voxbox!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cute little pumpkin from The Flying Unicorn Camp

Next up is my super adorable pumpkin card.. here we got to play with the new Prima Oil Pastel Crayons. Jen taught this make and take. It was a hit.

Jen showed us all about blending the colors and adding water to get just the right shade.

I loved adding the raffia and berries.. it really made the card stand out.

For more information about those Oil Pastel Crayons click HERE!
I had to have them!! Of course I was able to order them at the Flying Unicorn Store.

Thanks for looking and here's hoping you have a fabulous fall!

I'll be photographing a few more projects from camp soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Scrappn'!

A card from The Flying Unicorn Camp

I love this Prima Make and Take card that Erin Reed taught us here.

I love the light bulbs with the words on them. I wanted to go with browns in this card.

I love how we pieces of scraps to build this card. There were from various Prima paper collections, I believe.

If you'll also notice the bling... that was cut apart to place it along the card. Just so cool.
Thank you Erin for an awesome class! You made it so fun!!

Happy Scrappn!

Another project from The Flying Unicorn Camp

We had Prima Make and Takes provided to us from Jennifer Snyder and Erin Reed. I ended up ordering those Oil Pastel Crayons.

Those ladies were just amazing. I loved the variety that they both presented.

Here is my favorite Christmas Card I made in Jen's class.

She taught us something really cool about that doily.

She took the center out of the die and we used that piece as you can see nestled in under the flowers. It just kind of peeks out. Of course we had to edge the die cut piece in a little bit of color.

Another neat tip was regarding the gold looking stars... that was actually a piece of lace, I believe from Prima. She cut it apart and reused and rearranged the pieces..How clever!!

Ok let's just have another look at the finished project. I have received many compliments here at work on this piece. 

Thanks again to the Prima Ambassador Jen. What a great class.

Happy Scrappn'!

My adventures at Flying Unicorn Camp

This year I had the awesome pleasure to attend The Flying Unicorn Camp down in Temple, Texas.

It was a blast!! I will posting about the various projects we did down there.

This is a canvas we did.. It now sits on my desk at work!! Thank you Alda for the awesome camp.
The Fabulous Lynne taught this class!!

We used Gesso on a lot of these parts.

We used Archival Ink with the stamps.

I loved the sprays we used.

The goody bag alone that we received at camp made my heart skip at beat!!!  There was food a plenty. Laughter was a constant presence there at camp. I am so thankful I was able to go and rediscover my joy of crafting.

Happy Scrappn!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Playing with my Minc

I've been experimenting with my Anna Griffin Minc. I will show what all I did down below over at First Christian Church last Saturday. 
First I wanted to see if Heidi Swapps products would work in my machine. Her prepared tags did work. They did!!
Second I tried Deco Art Foil and another foil to see if they would adhere, since they were not from AG.  They did!
Last I tried the copier tip I had heard about. I made a copy of something and then ran it thru my Minc. It worked!!
Here's what I played with.
I forgot to mention, I did experiment with combining foils. Came out cool. Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappn!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I'm using some of my favorite collection from 7 Dots : Wonderland.

Below are some of the images from this collection:

I might use some other collections but we will see. 
Have a great day. 
Happy Scrappn

Monday, May 4, 2015

News News News

Happy to report I have a new job. I think this one might stick.

I am so blessed that it is close to home and seems like it might be a lot less stress than some previous jobs I've held in the past year. No more selling!!! I don't care if you have Uverse or want a new car. hahahahahah

Here's to a new beginning. With less stress, and having my weekends back I'm starting to feel the stirrings of some creative juices. Happy dance.

Hooray. I've been watching more videos and experimenting with my Cricut Explore. Boy has that been a hassle! 

My new job is at Oaklawn United Methodist Church. I am their Administrative Secretary, the only one. I'll try not to let that overwhelm me. :) I do have previous church experience and worked there for 8 years.

I'm still grieving my mom and can still burst into tears at the thought of her but I try to hold onto happy memories and think of what she would say. I had a dream recently of her. It was an unusual one for me... she was looking at me and it was if she was laying in a field of purple flowers with her head turned my way. The sun was shining and she had this glow about her. She was smiling at me. It felt peaceful. Purple was my mom's favorite color. I'll just take that picture and think of her at rest, at peace and happy.

Thanks for stopping by and pretty soon... I'll be...

Happy Scrappn! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ten New Favorite Chipboard Projects

I sure love chipboard. I've had the pleasure of sampling from many different companies.

I love putting them somewhere in the project!!

I love painting the chipboard and seeing what it evolves into.