Sunday, November 22, 2015

Celebrate Card

Here is the card that we learned about at camp and here is a mini- tutorial on it.
It's just adorable!!!!

Quilling is not for the faint of heart.. but these flowers are awesome.

Precut your leaves from your favorite die cut machine and special flower. There are many in the market.  You'll want to gather the flowers in the different sizes and roll up the edges. You'll glue the littlest into the next size up keep it squeezed together.

It will look something like this. From here you would lay it aside and let the glue be setting. 

Here you can see that you'll want to roll the edges. Tuck in some flowers and leaves. The coordinating papers really help so you can flip them over to alternate the patterns


Here you can see I placed a doily and used foam tape to add depth and dimension, so that later I could tuck in those pretty tags. Also go ahead throw on the bling. That step will then be out of the way.

Here you can see more of the round scalloped embellishment with the tags tucked in. Also layer a smaller circle on top of the scalloped piece.

Below you can see what  I used to paint the pretty chippie, from Creative Embellishments.

Here are some close ups for you:

Here you can see the 2 tags used. Tie some pretty ribbon to make a bow and adhere some pretty metal embellishments.

As you can see .. tucking in various elements adds depth to this wonderful card.

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrappn!

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