Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scraps of Darkness December "WINTERS EVE" Reveal Kit

Yes last THURSDAY THE 15TH was reveal day.
Guess what I'm a week behind.
However it's not too late for you to see the new kit for December:

Bo Bunny's ENCHANTED LINE is featured.
Head on over to Scraps of Darkness and see for yourself the awesomeness of this month's kit.
I forgot to add... Just look at the KIT CONTENTS:

Kit Ingredients:

*5 double sided papers from Bo Bunny's Enchanted collection, 2 double
sided papers from Glitz Design's Beautiful Dreamer collection, and 2 double 
sided and 1 single sided paper from Christine Adolph for Creative 
Imaginations' Winter Song collection
*Enchanted Die Cut Chipboard by Bo Bunny
*Kaisercraft Wood Flourishes
*Kaisercraft Tiny Alphabet
*Basic Grey Little Black Dress Metal Flowers
*Prima Pearl Flourish
*Petaloo Mini Magnolias
*Basic Grey Bling It On Rub Ons
*Webster's Pages Winter Fairy Tales Dazzle Me Gems
*Webster's Pages Pearl Sparklers (5)
*8 punched snowflakes
*18" black lace
*A fabulous new sketch by Suepup, created just for our Winter's Eve kit

Also while your reading blogs check out Scraps of Darkness's blog :
You absolutely must see what the Design Team has created this month.

Happy Scrappn!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

~Scraps of Darkness~ Groovy Kind of Love

loved playing with the kit and this sketch.

yes this is Simon our pug.. first puppy... he now lives with another family. We miss you Simon. It was puppy love for sure.

Here's the final product and when I have time I will give you closeups!
I need to sleep. I got double duty til Sunday!

Thanks for looking and comments.

Simon the pug!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 2 for the Online Class

I really like her method of turning a photo black and white. I used my Channel Mixer layer. Cool!

So here's the before ..

and here's the after:

I guess you can't tell it so well but I singled out her eyes. Now I have a layout down below of my son .. licking the snow and I made his tongue pink. so I might go back and work on that photo.

Guess what if you don't flatten the image it makes a difference! duh so here is the image FLATTENED!

Hmmmm hopefully it shows this time. but I think I need something  a bit more vibrant.

Thanks for looking!

Taking an Online Photo Class

Well I thought ya know I really want help learning how to process my pictures better so  I signed up for a class thru BIG PICTURE CLASSES. I saved up for a class titled PHOTO FINISH  by Elisha Snow.
Now I signed up and got my first week but was daunted by the first pdf which I shouldn't have been. She breaks this down for Photoshop Elements and regular Photoshop. I have CS4 and did go out and buy a copy of Elements 10 SINCE IT WAS ON SALE. However for now I am going with what is installed.
So I am practicing on my favorite subject.. my son: Here he is with our FIRST PUPPY .. a Pug named SIMON. Hey he chose it! We miss you Simon.!
Ok just by doing the week 1 handout.. and following her super easy instructions wow.. look what I did to this photo! I"m tickled pink. I am going to practicing also shooting with my camera in the RAW MODE! Check it out below!


wow... reading sure helps.. and  I got over my intimidation and practiced.

Thanks Elisha!

 Well I just learned about ACTIONS .. and I downloaded something free.. and wow .. it did most of the work for me. how cool!

~Scraps of Darkness~ Live - Nov RR Entry

Yep.. Round Robin time again over at Scraps of Darkness
I'm so excited.. I got to use my new DUSTY ATTIC .. that I bought here!!
I am also still using the lovvvvvely butterflies  and gears that I won from Renea's awesome site  My Glitter Coated Life.
I also used a new stamp set from KINDERSTAMPO called Grungy Inspiration.

I got my hands on a Zutter finally .. boy it sure worked faster than me doing it by hand.. it was a little louder than  I expected and I had orange paper flying hahahhahahhaha but I realllllllly like it.
I love love that I got to use my Dusty Attic. Well worth the wait! 
It was my son's idea to paint that one piece black that is at the corner of my nephew's picture. I love getting his opinion and including him as much as possible.

My brother, Ariel, took this picture of our nephew while at the park. He was having a good time with this other kid. I love how red it is. He was on an adventure for sure!

Here comes the close ups:

Grungy Inspiration Stamp from KinderStampo!

Renea's lovely treasures, and my DA Gear yippeee

yes I used the new MINI IRON  FOR THE IROCK and my DA hinge!

The black painted DA chippie love it and my stitching!
Live : The final product
I forgot to mention I used my SEW EASY AGAIN.. for the stitching at the top. Still getting the hang of it.  oh oh and I used my new CRICUT ORNAMENTAL IRON 2.. I want to cut and cut! Love it.

Thanks for looking and make sure to check out all the links. Love your comments if you got the time.
Happy Scrappn!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Adventure.... yesterday... 12 -6- 11

The day starts off... with....

1 - Go to to start the car -- won't start. Neighbor Marcos is there talking to the owner of the land there. Owner drives off and Marcos goes inside.  Now his truck is running but I see that a relative of his is leaving in the truck. So I huff  and puff and go inside to call my dad. He mentioned something about cleaning the battery.. head thingys.. so I get out an old tooth brush and start scrubbing. (insert bleeps whereever  you want because they sure did apply!) oh and did I MENTION IT WAS BLEEPING SLEETING! .. so I get the hood up and the jumper cables out. while waiting for dad.. and Marcos comes back out. He opens his shed.. and comes over and just starts helping me.. I told him I called my dad but he continues.. which I am grateful. .. He had me plug up this device via some extension chord into my house.. and started charging my battery.  Then his truck arrived back and he had her come on over and pull up to my car. and after a few tries my car starts. I have called and left a message with my coworker since she would be in the office alone and sent her texts to keep her updated.

Finally Dad and mom show up.
They talk me into going to Autozone to test the battery. I am so glad that I listened!  I didn't want to be any more late for work but... I didn't want to get stranded at work either and use those jumper cables again.
So we go. He(Autozone man) tests. Dead cell.

Dad was gonna show me how to do a rolling start. However I always use my ebrake and he didnt realize. DID I MENTION ITS SNOWING NOW.
So I can't push the car cuz I didnt know he had the ebrake still on and I say hey mom help me out. So then I push down hard and mom jerks and I'm like what happened. [u][b]SHE PUT HER HAND IN THE CAR. I ALMOST CHOPPED OFF MY MOM'S FINGER![/b][/u] .She was fine and got it out in time. Wow ... was not happy to almost have hurt my mom!

We get it going and head on over to O'Reillys..because this is where I bought my battery last time. He asked when did I have it replaced and I was like ooooooooooooooh mayyyyyyyyybe a year ago a little over... so he looks me up.. it was  [b]JUNE OF 2007!!! [/b]
well  didn't we all just have a good laugh.. I told them I live in my own time.. like Twilight Zone. hahahhaha Ya know some levity for the situation.
Cool thing about it was ... back in 07 I bought it for $59 bucks w/Warranty.. .so because I had that I DID NOT have to pay $119 .. only had to pay $74.  That battery lasted a while. I was glad.

Left there.. oh yeah I'm on my way to work.. and I see I need gas but keep going.

Fast forward to the end of the day.. I'm racing to Sam's club for my gas and then down the road to American Tire and wheel.. it's 4:50 pm. They close at 5 pm. Now I have to go to them for the nitrogen for my tires I don't use normal air. They locked the door on me . wow.. can you imagine the words coming out of my mouth!

I just leave and race across town to this place to do my oil job... thinking I want to try someplace new and not walmart.  THEY SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS.   BUT.. the guy came out and said sorry we are closed and was real nice. Ok I'm calm... whatever's gonna happen will happen.

Make it to the Winery to work in the wedding gift... which is NOT my first attempt at making this present for them.... I 'm like 55 minutes . .trying to get the printer to like the ink... let the printer talk to the computer.. whatever I was really happy that the lady there , Casey , did not give up. Whew a break. Thank you God.

Then off to Walmart for the oil change.. at 6:10 ... now their sign says 7 pm so I was more than ready for a fight! Luckily.. no problem. I bought  2 MORE CLEAR BACKPACKS FOR MY SON... there were only 5 left.. I might need to go back and buy them. Went home to a loving son.....

who was waiting for me to watch...  CHINESE MOVIE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES... really ... ok .. going with the flow.

but does it end there... ya see I stopped off to see my sister... she said hey you wanna say hi to Bobby and I was like nah if he's sick I dont want to catch it. 2:30 am. He's dead.

So no scrapping was done last night.. let's see what happens today!

Thanks for reading.. . a day in the life...

Monday, November 14, 2011

~Scraps of Darkness~ Fall --WINNER

Round Robin Time over at Scraps of Darkness.  If you click the link it will take you there.

So basically we scrap the person in front of us. I tried to take an element from each photo and incorporate it into my lo. I love this tree by the airport.. when it turns.. it goes on fire. I happened to stop in the turn lane and hop out to take some photos of it.. one crazy afternoon.

I loved all the elements.

loved the stamp and the big letters

Some Butterflies made for us by one of the great ladies over at SOD
Yes I had to use my MS Scroll Heart Punch

It was neat.. I found these leaves that were included in various kits.. brown, green, orange. I also did some stitching on the scroll heart punch layer strip on the left... the rubons gave me a fit but hey .. like Cheryl says its distressed.

I enjoyed using the various sprays that have been included in the various kits. I also did some masking.. and the Tim Holtz Limited Edition Inks... like.. Ripe Persimmon... and the Sew Easy .. Blanket stitch pattern.

Thanks for looking.. have you seen a tree ablaze... or some incredible fall foliage.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

~Scraps of Darkness~ Snow

These were the rules for the OCT - NOV STALKER CHALLENGE:
The Rules:
1. Use at least 50 % Scraps of Darkness product. This can be kit product or store product.
2. Stalk the internet or your files for a black and white image. This does not have to be an artsy photo, it can be one that you have and just change to black and white.
3. Scrap your layout in a black and white or black and cream color scheme. You can have some touches of color, but at least 80 % must be black and white or black and cream.
4. The most important rule of all-HAVE FUN!!

So I wanted it to be simple, clean , stark, silent... all the things I associate with snow. Only his tongue has the color. lol.
Make sure to check out SCRAPS OF DARKNESS .

Used my VIVA DECOR - CREAM PEN on the letters with Black Diamond Stickles

Martha Stewart Snowflake Trim with stickles and bling

yes a little photoshop here

He loves playing in the snow.

I enjoyed using my Viva Decor pens... the Martha Stewart Snowflake Trim.. the Pink Paislee Phantom Halloween Collection Letters.. the black bazzill paper.. the gemstones and the Black Diamond Stickles.

Thanks for looking. What's your favorite memory involving snow?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Blog by some talented been around gals

Yes .. Fabulous Michelle from Scrappin with My Bug
and the wonderfully Talented Candace..
have joined together.. together create this new blog


so go on over today.. cuz they are giving away some blog candy..the first of many I hear.

I can't wait to see what they do next!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~Scraps of Darkness~ Blue

October Sketch Challenge... yep... its that time again.. I came across these photos of David being Blues Clues's dog.. so many cute expressions. I gotta do more with them.
A few new features in this layout. Jen made a tutorial over at SCRAPS OF DARKNESS.. if you click the link it will take you to her video ----> Hearts a Glow Flower Tutorial. I didn't have the feathers so I had to use some alternative items. I plan to make a bigger flower in the future just to see.

Also I got to use my sew easy. I will definitely be playing with this some more. Came across a good deal finally.

I also used my super cool bats made from me .. in the HALLOWEEN SWAP . .from over at Scraps. Thank you Swap partner!! I hope my pics load today. I tried loading pics last night and it wouldn't allow the upload.


The bats come from the swap.. and the butterfly from Renea's shop!

Mandy's hand made pen. I used ORANGE STICKLES in the middle of the black flower.

Everything here is from THE SOD KIT.. minus the black circle behind the pic.. that was some cardboard box. Here's the final pic:

I was able to used Tim Holt'z limited edition FALL set of distress inks and I just got in the Winter ones and used Iced Spruce.
I loved using the Martha Stewart Scroll Punch heart..

Thanks for looking.
Make sure to stop by SCRAPS OF DARKNESS... and participate in a challenge and get to know the ladies there.
Happy Scrappn

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sep -Nov Skeleton Challenge at Scraps of Darkness

Over at Scraps of Darkness.. .This challenge prompt is:

So I edited my photo and added diamonds and I used the lyrics from Nicki Minaj's song : FLY. I will include the lyrics at the end of the post. 

I was able to use some more of Renea's beautiful creations. 

cropped in. web of deceit.. I have the key to break free

gears by Renea

super cute butterfly
 and I finally got it all put together:

lots of items from various SOD KITS
 Here are the lyrics I used in my Layout:

I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive
I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise
To fly
To fly

Everybody wanna try to box me in
Suffocating every time it locks me in
Paint they own pictures then they crop me in
But I will remain where the top begins
Cause I am not a word, I am not a line
I am not a girl that can ever be defined
I am not fly, I am levitation
I represent an entire generation
I hear the criticism loud and clear
That is how I know that the time is near
So we become alive in a time of fear
And I ain't got no motherfucking time to spare

Items used:
Prima flowers : Firefly Cedar
My GlitterCoated Life
TH Philosophy Tags, Grungeboard
DCWV Tattered Time
Mixed Media Ink - Black
Melissa Frances Embellishment
Floral Petaloo Mixed Blooms Black
Ravenhead Manor Recollections
Smooch Spritz Holly Berries - awesome color
Martha Stewart - Skeleton Key Embellishment
Cricut Cart - Teresa Collins - Chic & Scary  really cool cart!

I'm so glad I can be free to express myself!
Thanks for looking! Happy Scrappn.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Here we are...

David and I watching the Bio Channel... Celebrity Ghost Stories..

Yep scaring ourselves before going to bed.

Sorry I didn't make it to my friend's Halloween party tonight.. Robin. Maybe next year??? I'll be better prepared.

I've been working on a project for my brother.. using the Cricut Craft Room (beta) .. I had the frame picked out and was trying to weld words inside the frame but when I cut it.. it welded like everything and it didn't cut right so I've spend a lot of time today trying to work on his project.. The program takes up a lot of my system resources.. and I've had to reboot several times.. so I put it on pause.. I might try it on my Gypsy... however.. Fancy Frames isn't in the catalog so now I need to update my Gypsy... and it was dead.. well maybe tomorrow. It's a new day. LOL

What have ya'll done this weekend?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Swap over at Scraps of Darkness

I participated in the Halloween Swap over at Scraps of Darkness.
I love what  I received!!!
Here's what  I made for my swap partner.

My little tree.. see the cobwebs? and my glitter...
I loved using my HAPPY HAUNTINGS cart!
I hadn't used this cartridge before so this was the perfect opportunity for me to make some things. I made my little tree and then tried to make the big tree.. however that one would not stand up but  my little guy does hooray. I used my Scraps of Darkness spritzs and smooches. It was fun making these embellies.

Happy Halloween. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

KinderStampO Guest Design Team Day!

Yes the day has arrived. Yes hoorayyyyyyyyyy!

Thank you for stopping in and taking a look. I have the Creative Chaos set of stamps which can be found here: KinderStampO

Ok so at first I was trying to make this cool 3-d tree. I had made a smaller one for this cool swap I was doing and it stood up perfectly.. well I thought I want a giant tree.. I did FIT TO PAGE on my Cricut. That sucker was over 9 inches!! I inked it and stickled it and made cute spiders and bats and my words were dangling from the tree.. only to watch it FALL OVER. ......... sad face.. So in an effort to save my tree I tried to take pictures of it. Here are my attempts.. using my super cool stamps..

See the dangling letters..

my happy spider...

oh well and why yes that is a limited edition TH holiday ink
so I had to salvage my letters was too late at night.. so I reinvented the wheel and made this next item.:

why yes .. that is a limited edition TH fall color.. purple..(not official name) and black roses

Now of course you can get better close up's at her KS's website

I was trying to show the black diamond stickles.
I love the versatility you can get from this set. I will now include a pic of an earlier project that I did using this SAME set!

My newest Niece, Kinslee
There ya have it! It can be spooky or sweet.. or even more.. it's all up to you. As far as that tree goes.. I'm thinking I"m gonna eventually try the cereal box route (aka homemade chipboard) and see if my tree will stand up with stronger material!
Now remember you can see more fabulous products here: KinderStampO .
Stay tuned until NEXT THURSDAY.. because then you get to meet another fabulous member of the Guest Design Team. Don't forget to check out the daily projects that Jess has going at . Come join the fun.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.
Happy Scrappn!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~Scraps of Darkness~ Ring Ring

Here's my entry into the Round Robin over at Scraps of Darkness.It's always so cool to see what the ladies come up with.
Here are some closeups:
Super cool blue butterfly..
Now if you notice above there is that super cool blue butterfly. Yes that came from Renea's Shop : My Glitter Coated Life. I used an older Martha Stewart Punch for around the edges and I used the SEPTEMBER KIT: PASSAGES from over at Scraps of Darkness.

Can you see my telephone?

Hey who says telephones have to be in the single digits. LOL.. and the wire.. is really a pink handle from a gift bag. Yep the gift bag tore and I was about to throw it away and then  I was like SURELLLLLLLLY I could use this for something so I went outside and sprayed with my WOOD STAIN SMOOCH that came with the SEPTEMBER KIT: PASSAGES. I think about used it all up though darn it! But hey Tim Holtz little tag/numbers came in handy and yep that round part is painted black and it was the bottom of a box.

gears .. surely there are some in a phone
Ok now aren't those some cool gears?? yep I won those as well from Renea which can be found in her really cute etsy shop : My Glitter Coated Life.  I have a few more gears I get to play with yipee!

paris anyone?
Now the big black frame well its acutally a cut out from the Cricut Cartridge Fancy Frames. and then when I saw the Teresa Collins World Traveler paper  I was like oh look .. that looks like my frame hahahah so I incorporated it.
Thanks for looking and if you want to check out a bit more edgier place steampunk/grunge then check out Scraps of Darkness.

Happy Scrappn

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I won!

Check out the Giveaway!!!

One of the items on my wish list!

And look at this next item

Isn't this set gorgeous!!!!!

and here is another from my list

Love me some Gear Tim Holtz!

and here's another ..  I can't find the last one so it will be a surprise.. but here's one more on my list.!

Yep she made theseeeeeeeee!
Check out her shop here: My Glitter Coated Life

Thank you Renea!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

~Scraps of Darkness~ Sept Kit "PASSAGES" Sketch Challenge

This kit is to die for. It is gorgeous. I love the browns.
I've been waiting to scrap pictures of these super cute photos of my nephew Hezekiah.. or Kai Kai.. These go perfectly with these papers. I was able to put the final touch on it today. Hooray! Look at all the gorgeous items that came with this kit this month! Here comes the closeups.

There is a canvas flower in there. I really loved those.

Look at that lovely ribbon and beautiful butterfly. Overexposed with flash.

Look at this cute adorable hangar! and LOVE THE CLOCK!

look at this little key.. and the red doily flower and the button on top!

the beautiful pin that one of the design team members makes each month, thanks Mandy!

loved the papers.

a little better close up of the butterfly

do you see the brick wall.. we got an awesome stamp of a brick wall love it!

Well I got out my Folk Art paints I decided to use the color of Peony.
I love love love the BoBunny line ET CETERA. Just gorgeous!
I got to use Prima clear stamps.
Of course I used my Tim Holtz inks and my new new DISTRESS STAIN : SPUN SUGAR. It mixed well with the Peony Paint!  I loved that clock made by Kaisercraft.
7 Gypsies is the company that made the hangars.
Oh.. I loved the Paper Layers that came from Glitz.. and TERESA COLLINS.. : world traveler trims.. They are perfect with this kit!
I got to use the VINTAJ ARTE METAL... loved those metal pieces. and can you find the Tim Holtz Tissue Tape?
Thanks for looking. I've only just begun to use this fabulous kit this month! Go on over to Scraps of Darkness and see if you can score this kit!

Happy Scrappn!