Monday, December 12, 2011

Taking an Online Photo Class

Well I thought ya know I really want help learning how to process my pictures better so  I signed up for a class thru BIG PICTURE CLASSES. I saved up for a class titled PHOTO FINISH  by Elisha Snow.
Now I signed up and got my first week but was daunted by the first pdf which I shouldn't have been. She breaks this down for Photoshop Elements and regular Photoshop. I have CS4 and did go out and buy a copy of Elements 10 SINCE IT WAS ON SALE. However for now I am going with what is installed.
So I am practicing on my favorite subject.. my son: Here he is with our FIRST PUPPY .. a Pug named SIMON. Hey he chose it! We miss you Simon.!
Ok just by doing the week 1 handout.. and following her super easy instructions wow.. look what I did to this photo! I"m tickled pink. I am going to practicing also shooting with my camera in the RAW MODE! Check it out below!


wow... reading sure helps.. and  I got over my intimidation and practiced.

Thanks Elisha!

 Well I just learned about ACTIONS .. and I downloaded something free.. and wow .. it did most of the work for me. how cool!


  1. Awesome girl! I'm excited to see you playing with photoshop! Once you get the hang of things you will be addicted!

  2. Hi ya Lisa!

    yes I can already tell a difference... I opened my Groovy Lo tonight in Camera Raw and it was like wow.. now I just need to figure out how to take the picture in RAW. Thanks for dropping by! I'll have to take more pics tomorrow.. after BB work and update my blog.