Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Adventure.... yesterday... 12 -6- 11

The day starts off... with....

1 - Go to to start the car -- won't start. Neighbor Marcos is there talking to the owner of the land there. Owner drives off and Marcos goes inside.  Now his truck is running but I see that a relative of his is leaving in the truck. So I huff  and puff and go inside to call my dad. He mentioned something about cleaning the battery.. head thingys.. so I get out an old tooth brush and start scrubbing. (insert bleeps whereever  you want because they sure did apply!) oh and did I MENTION IT WAS BLEEPING SLEETING! .. so I get the hood up and the jumper cables out. while waiting for dad.. and Marcos comes back out. He opens his shed.. and comes over and just starts helping me.. I told him I called my dad but he continues.. which I am grateful. .. He had me plug up this device via some extension chord into my house.. and started charging my battery.  Then his truck arrived back and he had her come on over and pull up to my car. and after a few tries my car starts. I have called and left a message with my coworker since she would be in the office alone and sent her texts to keep her updated.

Finally Dad and mom show up.
They talk me into going to Autozone to test the battery. I am so glad that I listened!  I didn't want to be any more late for work but... I didn't want to get stranded at work either and use those jumper cables again.
So we go. He(Autozone man) tests. Dead cell.

Dad was gonna show me how to do a rolling start. However I always use my ebrake and he didnt realize. DID I MENTION ITS SNOWING NOW.
So I can't push the car cuz I didnt know he had the ebrake still on and I say hey mom help me out. So then I push down hard and mom jerks and I'm like what happened. [u][b]SHE PUT HER HAND IN THE CAR. I ALMOST CHOPPED OFF MY MOM'S FINGER![/b][/u] .She was fine and got it out in time. Wow ... was not happy to almost have hurt my mom!

We get it going and head on over to O'Reillys..because this is where I bought my battery last time. He asked when did I have it replaced and I was like ooooooooooooooh mayyyyyyyyybe a year ago a little over... so he looks me up.. it was  [b]JUNE OF 2007!!! [/b]
well  didn't we all just have a good laugh.. I told them I live in my own time.. like Twilight Zone. hahahhaha Ya know some levity for the situation.
Cool thing about it was ... back in 07 I bought it for $59 bucks w/Warranty.. .so because I had that I DID NOT have to pay $119 .. only had to pay $74.  That battery lasted a while. I was glad.

Left there.. oh yeah I'm on my way to work.. and I see I need gas but keep going.

Fast forward to the end of the day.. I'm racing to Sam's club for my gas and then down the road to American Tire and wheel.. it's 4:50 pm. They close at 5 pm. Now I have to go to them for the nitrogen for my tires I don't use normal air. They locked the door on me . wow.. can you imagine the words coming out of my mouth!

I just leave and race across town to this place to do my oil job... thinking I want to try someplace new and not walmart.  THEY SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS.   BUT.. the guy came out and said sorry we are closed and was real nice. Ok I'm calm... whatever's gonna happen will happen.

Make it to the Winery to work in the wedding gift... which is NOT my first attempt at making this present for them.... I 'm like 55 minutes . .trying to get the printer to like the ink... let the printer talk to the computer.. whatever I was really happy that the lady there , Casey , did not give up. Whew a break. Thank you God.

Then off to Walmart for the oil change.. at 6:10 ... now their sign says 7 pm so I was more than ready for a fight! Luckily.. no problem. I bought  2 MORE CLEAR BACKPACKS FOR MY SON... there were only 5 left.. I might need to go back and buy them. Went home to a loving son.....

who was waiting for me to watch...  CHINESE MOVIE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES... really ... ok .. going with the flow.

but does it end there... ya see I stopped off to see my sister... she said hey you wanna say hi to Bobby and I was like nah if he's sick I dont want to catch it. 2:30 am. He's dead.

So no scrapping was done last night.. let's see what happens today!

Thanks for reading.. . a day in the life...


  1. Oh My God! What a day! Who is/was Bobby???

  2. WOW girl....what a day! I am exhausted just reading this! So sorry to hear about Bobby! that is terrible! and such a horrible time of year for such a tragedy for his family and friends!

  3. My sister's roommate.. she shares a house with another girl named Christina and this guy Bobby and my nephew Kai.. I mean I was just there.. and now I feel bad I didnt go in and say hi to him.. I thought he had a cold that I didn't want to catch I didnt realize he was in that room dying! His kidneys shut down and he was undiagnosed with Diabetes. ...