Thursday, October 20, 2011

KinderStampO Guest Design Team Day!

Yes the day has arrived. Yes hoorayyyyyyyyyy!

Thank you for stopping in and taking a look. I have the Creative Chaos set of stamps which can be found here: KinderStampO

Ok so at first I was trying to make this cool 3-d tree. I had made a smaller one for this cool swap I was doing and it stood up perfectly.. well I thought I want a giant tree.. I did FIT TO PAGE on my Cricut. That sucker was over 9 inches!! I inked it and stickled it and made cute spiders and bats and my words were dangling from the tree.. only to watch it FALL OVER. ......... sad face.. So in an effort to save my tree I tried to take pictures of it. Here are my attempts.. using my super cool stamps..

See the dangling letters..

my happy spider...

oh well and why yes that is a limited edition TH holiday ink
so I had to salvage my letters was too late at night.. so I reinvented the wheel and made this next item.:

why yes .. that is a limited edition TH fall color.. purple..(not official name) and black roses

Now of course you can get better close up's at her KS's website

I was trying to show the black diamond stickles.
I love the versatility you can get from this set. I will now include a pic of an earlier project that I did using this SAME set!

My newest Niece, Kinslee
There ya have it! It can be spooky or sweet.. or even more.. it's all up to you. As far as that tree goes.. I'm thinking I"m gonna eventually try the cereal box route (aka homemade chipboard) and see if my tree will stand up with stronger material!
Now remember you can see more fabulous products here: KinderStampO .
Stay tuned until NEXT THURSDAY.. because then you get to meet another fabulous member of the Guest Design Team. Don't forget to check out the daily projects that Jess has going at . Come join the fun.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.
Happy Scrappn!


  1. Both projects are so cute!!! Very creative.

  2. A tree that large might need 2 layers of chipboard to have it stand strong...sorry it didn't work out right. The tree is a great idea and will look great...don't give up on it just can work! The spooky graveyard turned out awesome. Your last project picture does show how the set can be used for sweet as well as spooky! Hope you enjoyed being the guest designer!
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  3. Mon, that tree is wicked cool! Both projects are awesome!

  4. Congrats being a guest designer. I love your projects. Love the spooky gate. Great tree!

  5. Great projects Monica! I love the tree it is very cool!