Saturday, November 6, 2010

My next set of Iron-On Shirts for a baby shower

I didn't want to get depressed. I lost my job this week after 8 years. They just decided to eliminate.. Computer Admin. So if they aren't ... replacing me.. who is gonna do the backups , updates new purchases and the gazillion other things  I did daily. Hmm They said to clean out my office the next day. Hmmm Ok what's the rush. Hmm and they don't pay into unemployment. Luckily I will get a severance check.
So since I had already purchased the shirts to go to this shower...the daughter of a former coworker.. I thought what the heck Lets go!
So I doctored up the onesies. The sun was not shining well for me today. LOL

Nursery Tails tag with a pop dot

So there ya go. My  cute little onsies.
Since I'm gonna have some time on my hands while looking for a job.. I think I'm gonna use my time wisely and FUNLY.. hahah is that a word??? I'm gonna be happy scrappn!

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  1. These are SO stinkin' cute. I just know they will be loved. Hang in there! Layoffs are happening to lots of people but God is able. I'm praying for you.


  2. Thank you Christel!!!!
    I surely appreciate it.

  3. Soooo cute thanks for sharing!!!