Monday, August 11, 2014

Big Blog Tour Nomination

I was nominated as a creative blogger by one of the super talented and my beautiful scrapbook friend Laura Gilhuly.  Laura creates such amazing pieces.  I totally love her work and love watching her grow.   I was so lucky to get to work with her! She rocks it! Make sure to check out her blog!! 

We are joining up as a chain of fun blog hop tours where so many of us will get to meet new bloggers, get new inspiration and connect with blogs that will open up our creativity. This hop is sure to get your mojo going! 

Here are my 4 questions that need to be answered before I pass along my nominations. I'll give you my answers then lead you to 3 amazing artists you will love visiting!

1. What am I working on?

I have been so blessed to be on different teams. I am working on projects for the next issue of Scrap N' Art Magazine and also for the design team of Art Anthology
Below is a sample for the magazine. 

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I have to say I have a varied style. I don't feel like I fit into one area. I like to try them all. Sometimes I'm in the mood for vintage... sometimes romance and then sometimes vintage romance. I love to experiment and try new techniques and tools and products. I love sharing what I learn and find. Maybe my style is hodge podge or a buffet of interesting colors.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I started this as a way to preserve the memories and photos of my family and of items that I find interesting. Then it grew into something more. Exploring on the internet, looking in magazines and seeing my friends work inspired me to try to do more. However I do feel that I've left my original intention and purpose behind. I feel very soon I will go back to my roots and focus more on preserving my memories of my family and friends.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?

I used to start with a photo..then I tried starting with the paper. I love my paper. Now with working on a magazine it starts with the product that I must focus on. I look to others for inspiration and technique and sometimes I implement it. I definitely dream design. I'll think about it, jot ideas down and then play - move pieces around and see what I like. Basically in the end create what you love- about what you love- using pieces and products you love. I have been so blessed in this journey and I surely hope to continue to feel inspired to create. I hope you do too!

Now onto my nominees:

Lynne is such a wonderful scrapper. She has a love for animals that fills her big heart, especially squirrels and pugs!! She has amazing talent. She pays great attention to detail and has such a wonderful touch with her projects. I love her projects and especially the cool movies and famous people ones. She has such a way with her creations. Be sure to stop by her blog for some fabulous inspiration.

Wow! This young gentleman is amazing. I wish I had an tiny bit of his talent. When I see his work it is wow. He's joined some amazing teams. He is true to himself and it shows in his wonderful work. He is quite an inspiration. He creates lovely videos and is now a young entrepreneur by selling some fabulous albums which he will create for you. Absolutely check out his blog! You won't be disappointed.

Oh Lorrie's work is such a delight to look at. You can feel the love in her projects. She loves making off the page projects as well and I am so lucky to serve with her over at Scrap N' Art magazine. She is uber talented and daring to explore new techniques. There's definitely more to her story so hop on over to her blog to be inspired.

That's it for now. I know you will find some wonderful inspiration from these artists!
Happy Scrappn!

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