Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Grandma Jean

My dad asked me to make a layout of one of his remaining pics of his mother, Grandma Jean.
The photo wasn't in the best condition and it was a pic of a pic of a pic... you get the idea.

I definitely wanted a vintage feel to it. My dad asked for the colors of peach and blue. I went with a type of teal blue. 

Some interesting facts about my grandma was that she was a Police Officer- Meter Maid back in the 50's in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was also allowed to carry a weapon. Later she went on to be a nurse. I think the photo is just lovely.

Here you can see the word chippie from Creative Embellishments.

This is what I used to paint on the above chippie.

Below I used one of my StencilGirl stencils. I love their quality and variety. Also you can see some Prima flowers and the most top notch butterflies handmade by Renea H. Here you can see all her other fabulous products. 

Here you can see where I used my Anna Griffin embossing folders and I used my Anna Griffin Minc machine for that blue swirl. The pin was handmade by a fellow Flying Unicamper.


Here you can see some more stencil work and playing with microbeads.. loved playing with the beads.

My dad was so happy with this. He wants to make copies of it and send it to his siblings.

Well thanks for looking and have a great day.
Happy Scrappn!

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