Monday, September 11, 2017

'Blast from the Past' -- July Wayfarer Kit

Hello Crafty Peeps!!! 

I'm back using this fabulous Wayfarer Kit!!! Today's historical photo is courtesy of the Hot Springs Police Department.....this photo... is a Throwback photo.

This is Officer Bill Abbott next to his patrol car.
We’re not sure of the date of the photo, but we know that Officer Abbott retired in the mid 1940's.

Here are a few close ups. I used an old barbed wired stamp for symbolism.

In the left corner you can see the stamped image that was on the paper... I often think of officers and their investigations.. maps are crucial.

I thought this little tag would bring a chuckle... this photo was from around the 40's... they sure didn't have cell phones or emails back then. The tree form is a metal piece from my stash.

More pieces of the cool papers. The metal tag was a gift.

I loved the little words on the papers... the officers... are always on the road.

Here from this angle there was this cool piece of a landscape and I thought it was a perfect representation of our state... the Natural State. I've sure enjoyed working with this kit.

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Happy Scrappn! 

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