Thursday, January 17, 2013

13arts: "ALL IS LOVE" - Nowa kolekcja!!! - New collection!...

13arts: "ALL IS LOVE" - Nowa kolekcja!!! - New collection!...: Witajcie kochani! Nie umiem nawet wyrazić jakie emocje mi dziś towarzyszą:) Moja druga kolekcja za chwilę ujrzy światło dzienne:) I oczywiś...

So pretty!!!! Go check it out.

Here is a quote from the website :
This collection is about love... the love is sometimes sweet, sometimes crazy, but sometimes has some "scratches". This collection is about loving the other person, but also about loving the beauty of nature. The colors are vibrant and intense (like love), for me this line is sweet and romantic, but spunky and with my favorite textures:)
These papers are gorgeous!!!

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