Friday, January 4, 2013

Blue Fern Chipboard Giveaway

This is a brand new paper crafting company offering unique and delicate chipboard made in the US. 

Below are a few that have caught my eye and would love to play with :

Brigitte Butterfly Set
Model: 074387

Royal Border
Model: 074370

I love flourishes to death:

Blooming Flourish
Model: 074509

Symphony Border
Model: 074530

Blue Fern Flourish Model: 074400

Organic Vine Corner - Large  Model: 074622

Floral Clock Model: 074684

well these are just a few . .and I mean a few of my favorites from this new store... go get lost in their store... cuz I sure have!!

Blue Fern Store

and as always


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  1. wow! These are really gorgeous-I'm impressed!!