Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dare to dream: Lady in the Blue House

This is a page I created using my August and September Stencil Girl Stencils.
I loved all the wonderful shapes from my August set and September featured Frida
I haven't taken an art journal class but the creative team over Stencil Girl provides much inspiration. I thought I would give this a try.
Check out Stencil Girl right here!
Check out more about the Stencil Girl Club here.
My page is titled Dare to Dream: Lady in the Blue House.

Here are a few closeups :

In the above you can see the leaves and I used my green copic marker. I traced Frida on some Donna Salazar mixed media paper.

Below you can see in this close up a bit of the parrot stencil on top of the windows of the blue house and the right side of Friday:   

In this closeup I used green glitter glue and some Tim Holtz inks: lawnmower green and pickled raspberry, I also use my brown acrylics to paint the monkey peeking over the edge of the house:

In this closeup is the right side and I wanted a bit of sunshine yellow to shine down on my house, this rose and leaf were colored using my Gelatos: 
In this piece you can see I painted her name using my Texurez and if you look at it just right it looks like the monkey has it tongue out.. but I didn't mean for that to come out that way lol:

Now you can meet Frida ... DARE TO DREAM: LADY IN THE BLUE HOUSE.

I really loved watching the videos and posts by all the artists over at Stencil Girl. I like how they traced her on printed paper.
Thanks for looking.
Happy Scrappn!


  1. Fantastic, I love what you have made with Frida! Valerie

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love that face stencil - wonderful work, xoxo