Saturday, July 30, 2011

~Scraps of Darkness~ The Darkest Side Challenge-- winner!

Don't look at this post if you are easily offended. Alert!

ok now that we got that out of the way... So it's called Spice of Life... 
and I ask the question.. What's Your Spice...and the immediate "spices" that came to my mind were.. Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll. .who the heck knows why. So I went with it.. the scene is from True blood.. Bill and some secretary girl.. Not the lawyer.. the one who went undercover into the coven.  and so there ya go. 
I used Tim Holtz grungeboard letters and inked them up with Mists that came in my SoD kit and letters from June kit.. and velvet  and borders and mesh and pins  and the such from SOD.  I 'll put peeks in first.

and the finished product is below:

Thanks for looking... and a parting thought... what is your spice... vice... drug of choice....


  1. from my friend Margaret.. her's is ... "DIET CHERRY 7-UP WITH A SPLASH OF GINGER-ALE". thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you Celina. Definitely out of my comfort zone... I'm gonna scrap my son and babies next hahahhahaha

  3. Such a gorgeous and creative take on the challenge! Love getting to see all the detail up close, makes me love it even more! Love the collage effect and the title work!

  4. Thank you. I was holding my breath doing it.. thinking do I dare do something like this? LOL I appreciate those that do take a closer look. It's hard to get a good picture and to show all the work that goes into a LO.. especially ones from Scraps of Darkness hahahha. I try really really hard on those challenges.